A social design project to encourage ethical livestoks and etically raised animal’s product


In 2013 I reseached about food and its ecological footprint, finding out a report from FAO wich reveals livestock production is one of the major causes of the world’s environmental problems, including global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Trying to help solve this problem I started  “Allevamento Etico”,  a social design project wich involves farmers, veterinarians and consumers to improove the development of  etically raised animal products. For this project I collaborate since the beginning with ICT and software engeneer Fabio Pollini and veterinarian Nicoletta Colombo, and many other beautiful and skilled people have joined us along the development of this project!


In collaboration with different experts (most of them veterinarians highly skilled at animal welfare) we defined what we call “ethic” in our project, speaking in terms of environmetal sustainability and animal welfare. Our consideration about animal welfare are based on the respect of animals natural behaviorur according with their ethology.


The project encourage ethical livestoks and etically raised animal’s product, sustainable for the eviroment and respectful of animal welfare. Our website offers real alternatives to consumers, provides informations and describes the best ways to ethically raise animals according to our guidelines.


Allevamento Etico won three awards:

In 2013 a special award in the category of social innovation at the “StartCup Milano Lombardia” competition

In 2014 the award “Sustainable Development 2014” in the category Startup for Sustainability

In 2015 the second prize at the “Premio Gemma” competition

We have now opened an association to promote the project and be able to build a strong community around this topics!