I designed some retail forniture concepts for Leo&Hijos, an handicraft leather producer in Jalisco, Mexico. The main goal was to upcycle leather wastes to design new forniture for the shop.


Poldo have been used in  Leo&Hijos shop as exhibitor, this mexican version was made with local pine wood and pre-consumer wastes of vegetable tanned leather.

Together with my Nuup colleagues, we decided to present Poldo at the Milan design week 2014. On that occasion Poldo was assembled with vegetable tanned leather, alcantara and cotton fabrics: all pre-consumer recycled materials.

Testing different waste materials we find out that Poldo could “wear” also different personalities.


Poldo is made with FSC certified wood and pre-consumer recycled leather or fabric wastes, it is assembled with wood joints and no glue or screws, once dissasembled is light and take very few space.