A bug’s hotel can increase biodiversity and attract predatory insects helping control unwanted bugs in the garden


Whyle working as designer for a company involved in scientific research and development of insect based food products it happens that a little desk exhibitor was needed. The challenge was to create a sustainable exhibitor and find a way to reuse it at the end of life.


As designer I tought it would be nice to help with my work for the company also the insects living in the wild, improoving biodiversity an pollination, so I designed the exhibitor thinking at its second life as bugs hotel. The ehibitor/bugs hotel is made in local Oil finished solid wood.


The life of the product will became very long by reusing it. It will be something nice to hang in the garden, providing insects with nesting facilities, particularly during winter. It can offer refuge for many types of insects like Solitary bees, wasps and bumblebees, which are very good pollinators for plants and food crops. The bugs hotel will also attract predatory insects which help control unwanted bugs in the garden.