How can we provide the necessary cosmetic products without
generating plastic waste?
The project Beuty Flakes System was presented at IDEO’s “Circular Design Challenge” contest organized with Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s, Wendy Schmidt Foundation and International Sustainability Unit partnership.
Beuty Flakes System aim to avoid plastic waste due to the large use of single-dose sachet in developing countries. Indeed the target of this project are users from developing countries who buy sachet because they cannot afford to buy bigger amount of product: we notice that solid soap is already largely used instead of gel douche but this is not true for shampoos, hair balms, and sunscreens, which are instead very popular in monodosis, meaning a big amount of waste non even properly recycled.
Beuty Flakes System makes it possible to sell single-doses of solid soaps, shampoos, hair balms and sunscreens by chopping a large bar of solid cosmetics in flakes. Flakes can be transformed into liquid just adding some water. This system will reduce packaging in the production and transportation phase as well as in the use phase (sachet or bottle).

This project has been selected in the first 100  more significant projects of the contest, more details can be found on Ideo website.
Beuty Flakes System has been designed in collaboration with Camilo Andres Martinez and Francesca Maccagnan from the Nuup network.