In november 2016 I curated the exhibition Growing Materials dedicated to biomaterials (made in waste ones and growing materials) as new sustainable materials possibilities in design and next future productions.

The Exhibition Growing Materials was held in Milan during the event Giacimenti Urbani which every year organizes events related to issues like recovery of materials and circular economy. I curated the exhibition togheter with Francesca Maccagnan from the network NUUP and we focused on three main topics:

  • show the sustainable material research developed by our network
  • show the results of the material research made by the students of Naba Design Accademy in Milan, in which I hold a course called materials and new technologies for the project innovation, encouraging students to research for new sustainable DIY materials
  • show italian and international companies working with biomaterials and made in waste materials succesfully

The exhibition was also a nice environment to held courses, workshops and talks.

Since we have noticed a great interest from designers and researchers on these issues, the Exhibition Growing Materials has been just the first public step to present a more wide research project about biomaterials. Stay tuned on our website to find out more  (the website is only in italian for the moment).