Graphic design inspired by Formica Fusca, a common black ant.I made this graphic for the competion Taglieri d’Autore, organised by Matteo Ragni Studio and Essent’ial for the past Milan design Week.

Thinking about a possible outcome for the contest “Taglieri d’Autore”,  I decided to focus on a “neighbour” we often share the space with (whether we like it or not): the ANT! It’s important to acknowledge these small animals’ presence in our environment, as well as to get inspired by the cleverness they demonstrate in solving problems we also have to face as humans.


This graphic is among the 100 selected for the brand Essent’ial by Matteo Ragni Design Studio. The cutboard was exposed during the 2017 Milan Design Week at ‘The Essential Taste of Design’ exhibition.