Barbara_PolliniSustainable design thinker / based in Italy / freelance available

Sustainable design is becoming nowadays, more than ever, an essential and powerful option, that’s why in recent years I tried to push almost all of my projects in that direction. I believe innovation can be inspired by nature but should be respectful of it. I specialize in sustainable design with a master degree in Ecodesign & Ecoinnovation for the Architecture University of Camerino, in Italy. My work is based on Life Cycle Assessment and Cradle to Cradle approaches. In recent years I developed projects about ethical and sustainable food, I spread the main concepts of sustainable design by teaching , writing and consulting. I’m actually focusing my research on biomaterials.

Since 2011 I am co-founder and designer for the collective Nuup, Sustainable Creativity, an international network of creative professionals involved in sustainable design wich promote sustainable behaviours and tools. 

Since 2012 I’m professor at Naba design University in Milan, I started teaching sustainable design and in the last three years I teach a course called “materials and new technologies for the project innovation” in which I explore with the students the possibilities of new sustainable DIY organic materials.

/ Skills /                                                                                                                                                               3D modeling > Rhino, KeyShot, Maya
Graphic > Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Life cycle assesment software > Simapro, Ecoscan, Eup, Everdee

/ Main professional interests /                                                                                                    Research and sustainable design / biomaterials / ethical project


2017_Thinking with our hands (Joint author), Renewable Matters n°19, edited by Edizioni Ambiente (in italian and english here).
The article was written in collaboration with Francesca Maccagnan, trying to define a new emerging didactic approach based on material tinkering and diy materials for design.

2014- 2017_ Ecosketchbook, design your sustainability (Joint author and illustrator). Ecosketchbook has been created both as an educational tool and a sketchbook with the purpose to increase awareness about the environmental issues connected with the project and to provide insights and strategies for designing a more sustainable world.
Italian First Edition 2014, edited by Anima mundi. ISBN 978-88-86627-53-5 English First Edition 2017, self publishing. ISBN-10: 1546608346

2014/15_Joint author on 5 articles about sustainable design issues for the magazine METHODO, edited by Ottolobi


Sustainable design & Biomaterials – Lecture
School of Architecture and Design, University of Camerino, design department, April 2018.

Sustainable design & Biomaterials – Lecture and Workshop
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, design and fashion departments, march 2018.

The Expressive-Sensorial Qualities of Bio-Plastics – Workshop
Held together with Valentina Rognoli, Marinella Ferrara, Camilo Ayala Garcia and Stefano Parisi during the 18th Creative Marathon @ Elisava Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona , december 2017.

Sustainable design & Biomaterials – exploring interactivity, connectivity and smartness in nature – Lecture
Politecnico di Milano, Scuola del Design, Laboratorio di Design del Prodotto Industriale , Milan, november 2017.

Future Design & Biomaterials – Lecture
Politecnico di Milano, Scuola del Design, Laboratorio di Design del Prodotto Industriale , Milan, june 2017.       

Growing Materials – Lecture & Workshops
Nuup and Giacimenti Urbani, Milan, November 2016.
Future food and Biomaterials – Lecture & Workshop series
Nostrale’s Università del contadino, Milan. May and November 2016.
Future’s Biomaterials – Lecture
Studio A.Teatino, Messina. September 2016.
Future’s Biomaterials – Lecture
GreenCity, Milan. May 2016.

MUSHUMANS – Performing lecture
Astarotheatro, Amsterdam, March 2015.
Mycelium design – Lecture
Goodesign, Milan design week @ Cascina Cuccagna. April 2015.
Ecosketchbook, book presentation – Lecture
Milan design week @ Cascina Cuccagna. April 2015.
Sustainability and design: ecodesign strategies and communication – Lecture & Workshop. Project MEET BRIANZA EXPO. Monza July 2015.

Life Cycle Design – Lecture
Design Capillare, Tam Tam- Mima. Milan design week @ Fabrica del vapore, April 2014.
Ecosketchbook, book presentation – Lecture
Milan design week @ Cascina Cuccagna. April 2014.

Sustainable Materials – Lecture
NABA design Accademy, Milan. April 2013.


The Essential Taste of Design
Porta Venezia in Design. Milan design week @ Bastioni di Porta Venezia. April 2017.

Growing Materials (as curator and designer), during the event Giacimenti Urbani @ Cascina Cuccagna, Milan, November 2016.

Noosphere XX1 pavillion, Triennale design Museum (Milan). July 2016.

Spazio Yatta, Salone del mobile, Milano, 2014

Milan design week, April 2013 @ Cascina Cuccagna

Milan design week, April 2012 @ Fabrica del vapore


2017_Tagleri D’autore organised by Matteo Ragni Design Studio for Essent’ial. Graphic selected: La Fusca.

2016_106 ELEVATOR PITCH AUDI – “Untaggablefuture” won with the project Symbiotic City.

2015_Premio Gemma, second prize won with the project Allevamento Etico

2014_Sustainable Development 2014 – Startup for Sustainability, won with the project Allevamento Etico

2013_StartCup Milano Lombardia, winner of the category “social innovation award” with the project Allevamento Etico