Entomophagy: sustainability, comunication and design

In 2015 I collaborated with Italbugs, an italian company involved in scientific research and development of insect based food products.

According to a FAO report, insects will be a great chance as future food for sustainability and sustenance. The main challenge in Italy and Europe will be fight the disgust and the cultural belief about insects as food.

For this company I have dealt with different aspects related to the task launch: product design, packaging, comunication and graphic design.

  • I tried to fight the “disgust factor” informing and showing the beauty of the insect world and creating an infographic about insect based food properties and its sustainability that was published in several Italian newspapers.
  • I designed packagings made with sustainable materials from the production places of the isect-based food products, so as to shorten the production chain.
  • I designed exhibitors thinking about reusing them as bug’s hotels to help biodiversity and wild insects too.