Symbiotic City is an art project showing my utopian idea of the future city 

For the Milan design week 2016 I took part in the competition 106 ELEVATOR PITCH AUDI  in which I was asked to explain in three minutes my idea of the city for an “Untaggablefuture”, as they call it for the competition. This contest gave me the opportunity to develop an idea of the future based on my recent research with biomaterials.

“I imagined the city of the future made by “growing materials” which are materials composed by living organisms (such as bacteria, fungi, algae or plants) capable of receiving input from the designers and to collaborate with them, contributing to the success of the project. The research in this field has just begun but already the first reports appear sensational and promising.

From this inspiring new materials research I had my personal and maybe utopian vision for the city of the future which I imagine:
– no longer built with inert and sterile materials, but with living ones, able to change and adapting to the circumstances occurring with other species too.
– I imagine this living materials interconnected in a symbiosis with the inhabitants of the city itself
– and the relationship between citizen and the city will have no more borders or boring materials, becoming a place where life and its principles will be the basis of this new symbiotic architecture

I used magnified pictures of some of the life forms I mentioned before (bacteria, fungi, plant cells, algae and also the human body itself) as an inspiration of possible urban landscapes of the future made of life and connections. I chose to use them to imagin a symbiotic city and its possible aesthetics made by this new collaboration between species reshaping the city.

Through this microscopic panorama (with possible macroscopic applications) I wanted to share a vision of hope,
because I believe only collaboration with other species may save us in the near future.”

My speech was complemented by this video.


Symbiotic City was selected as the first of four finalist projects and in july 2016 a maquette of this idea was exhibited at the Noosphere XX1 pavillion, in Triennale design Museum (Milan).

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